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Lift the cloud from your life

With my counselling, we'll get you there.

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Counselling can help you

If something in your life has made you unhappy, or you find yourself anxious, troubled, or confused, counselling can help you find freedom. 

I want to help you see the joy in every day, and lift whatever clouds might be getting in the way. 

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Nature can help you

I counsel in nature. Whether that means sitting in a park, walking through the woods, or strolling on the beach, I use nature to help me help you.

It relaxes, calms, improves your mood, and reduces your stress. Simply by being in nature, we'll clear your mind and begin finding your inner peace. 

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I can help you

Whatever might be making your days that bit harder, I'm here to listen and guide you to see things from a different perspective. I'll help you understand your past, and how it has shaped the way you experience the now.

Together, we'll relieve that burden. After all, if you don't live life in the now, you miss it.

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Working together

Counselling is a gradual process that all starts with a simple chat.

1) Our first chat

Getting to know each other.

An introductory chat where I get to know you a little more, and you can ask me any questions you may have.

2) Ongoing counselling

Exploration of your situation.

Usually weekly, these sessions explore your situation in detail, and help you to initiate positive change in your life.

3) Over to you

Your new journey begins.

When you feel you are ready, and that you have reached your goals, you then take your new perspective into your day-to-day.

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Let's talk

It starts with a simple chat. Even if you just have questions about me or what I do, get in touch and we'll start the conversation.

Leave a few details below, and I'll get back to you soon.

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