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Working together

Step by step, counselling will help you.


Our first chat

Getting to know each other

This session, as with any of our ongoing work together, is held outdoors.  It incorporates a short walk and lasts between 30-60 minutes. It is designed to give you an opportunity to tell me a little more about yourself and ask any questions you may have.  It also allows me to consider how best I can help you and gives us time to decide whether we will continue our work together.

Of course, there is no obligation to continue counselling after our conversation. Part of the purpose of this chat is to help you to decide if working with me is right for you. 


Ongoing counselling

Exploring your situation

These are generally weekly sessions that take place outdoors incorporating a walk outside in nature and last for an hour to an hour and a half.

Ongoing counseling allows us to explore aspects of your life in more detail, helping you develop an understanding of how past events and experiences could affect your world today. How your environment, the behaviour of others; their expectations and judgements have impacted your life.  By recognising this you will be better placed to initiate change, enabling you to decide what it is you want from life and how you want to live it.

£50 per session

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Over to you

Your new journey begins

Your experiences and perspective of life are personal to you and so is your therapeutic journey. So it's only natural that you will process your findings and will progress at your own pace. The period of time this takes varies but there is no pressure to make things happen before you are ready. The aim is for you to understand who you are and become more aware of what it is you want from life.  

When this happens, it will be time to take your new perspective into your daily life. We'll have a closing session, but I'll always be here for more help and guidance.

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